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Neurologix® is not just a supplement company.
We have set out to optimize your mind, body and quality of life through advanced neuroscience, unique blends of bio-available nootropics and personalized wellness support.

We’re Here To Change The Way You Think… And Live

Leadership Team

Angela Taylor

Product & Strategy

BIO:  Corporate development director in the healthcare space. Growth expert, innovator, and neuroscience nerd.

Sal Parsinejad

Operations & Supply Chain

BIO: Operations leader and industry expert. Track record of building and growing dietary supplement brands.

Will Osolinsky

Sales & Marketing

Co-owner & head of marketing at Osoco, Inc; Startup & economic advisor; Founder at Doodle Dojo; Loves his chihuahua.

Board of Advisors

Scott Kaufmann

Marketing Strategy

Managing Partner at Highnoon, Co-Founder at Monocle & at Lucid Ventures, Exec. Director at ASU.

Juan Maez

Finance Strategy

Director Finance at Google; Director Business Intelligence at Microsoft and at Intel; loves big tech.

Teany Hidalgo

Partnerships & Services

CFO Wisdom Health; Director Finance Cambia Health and at Radisys;

Robert Scott

General Counsel

Head of Legal at Lattice; Founder at Jibe Law, PDX startup exec; performance optimization aficionado.

Randy Lowell

Operations Strategy

CFO Wisdom Health; Director Finance Cambia Health and at Radisys;


Technical Expert

Currently seeking an advisor with experience scaling services/programs in the health and wellness space.

Founder's Story

We Are

A company that works as hard as you do.
We’re passionate about what we do, the quality of our products and their sustainable sources. Motivating others to optimize their mind and body is as important to us as achieving our own wellness goals.
We are focused, we are dedicated and most importantly, we never compromise.

"Our passion for our tool for survival"

In 2020 I took the plunge and traded in a 20-year career in corporate finance and M&A and found my purpose in the world of life and performance optimization; and it turned out to be the best decision of my life.

My extensive career with a leading tech company meant I was traveling a lot, often internationally, sleeping on planes and regularly working 12 to 18 hour days. However, 24 and even 48-hours sprints were not uncommon.

Like many mid-level leaders in high tech, I normalized the daily experiences of anxiety and exhaustion. This was the price of success.

It was unhealthy – but the constant barrage of meetings and demanding deadlines could not be avoided if I wanted to continue moving up the corporate ladder in an increasingly competitive environment.

As it turns out, this type of lifestyle is not sustainable in the long-term, and in 2019 I hit my limit physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I found my salvation somewhere at the intersection of three disciplines which, at the time, held no interest to me; but which I now affectionately refer to as the “3 Ns.”

Neuroscience, Nootropics, and Nutrition

While I had little exposure to these fields prior to 2019, this lack of knowledge may have been what allowed me to identify the natural synergies that existed between the “3 Ns”, which led me to discover the concept of “personalized performance optimization”. This discovery ultimately led to my full recovery and in turn fueled my passion for the idea which would become Neurologix®.

I attribute my avoidance of any long-term damage to my physical and mental health to these discoveries, which continue to fuel my curiosity and desire to help others struggling with the same problems as I once did.

Angela Taylor
-Life Optimizer

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