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Our Team

Angela Taylor

Founder & CEO

As the founder and CEO of Neurologix, Angela believes the path to long term vitality starts with nutrient intake and awareness.  As a 20-year veteran of big tech finance and M&A, Angela is no stranger to the toll that success can have on mental/physical health and is passionate about helping others find their own paths to wellness.  Angela holds an MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Business. When not working, Angela loves hiking  and teaching women’s self defense class.

Robert Scott


Rob is head of legal and operations, leveraging more than two decades  of leadership experience across various industries, including winemaking, glassblowing, legal and tech! Rob is passionate about Neurologix booster products and optimizing human creative potential. When he is not working on Neurologix he is running a law firm, being a dad, snowboarding, hiking or riding his motorcycle. 

Julie Hopkins

Product & Technology

As head of manufacturing and technology development, Julie is focused on improving manufacturing engineering protocols for the site while also driving  new product innovations in the lab. She holds degrees in Chemical Engineering/Biochemistry with Molecular Biology, and has publications ranging from advanced microbiology to 3D printing.  Julie spends her free time alpine climbing or making smoothies from the vegetables in her backyard garden.

Daniel Carp

Ops strategy & finance

As an army veteran, Dan brings leadership experience in addition to a background in tech finance and strategy. He is passionate about achieving  holistic health through nutrition and exercise. Dan holds an MBA from the Tippie College of Business at the University of Iowa, and has a gold certification in Lean manufacturing. When not working, Dan enjoys running and spending time with his wife and pets.

Our Team Members

Alejandra Gonzales

Corporate Responsibility

Alejandra guides the sustainability of Neurologix by establishing a healthy and productive company culture, a low carbon supply chain, and a low waste product offering. Alejandra loves being outside gardening, hiking, and riding her horse. Her favorite Neurologix supplement is the Focus formula.

Alyssa Simpson

functional foods & nutrition

Alyssa leads the services and customer experience team at Neurologix. As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, she’s spent 12 years running  her own successful business and specializes in digestive health. Alyssa is passionate about empowering others with the tools they need to live healthy and vibrant lives. Alyssa loves having pets and works hard to keep her number at  just 2 cats

Giordano Pena


Holding a masters degree in Education, Gio is fully qualified to head up our science and education department.  But his experience teaching science to highschoolers is what makes him the educator we need to help us drive knowledge and awareness of nootropics. 

Megan Franek


As the nutrition services program manager, Megan collaborates with her team to create personalized experiences to engage our customers. She is passionate about coaching, empowering her clients to identify lifestyle and behavior adjustments that lead to a healthier, more fulfilling life. She enjoys spending free time playing with her two sweet puppies and going on nature filled adventures. Megan’s favorite Neurologix supplement is the Vitality formula.

Geri Rubano

products & services

Geri’s focus is on creating nutrition and wellness experiences that celebrate and empower our Neurologix customers utilizing a balance of mind, body, and spiritual practices. Geri loves meditation and believes this is an area that has the most profound impact on one’s health. Geri’s favorite Neurologix supplement is the Sleep formula.

Kate Crabbe

staff accountant

Kate loves the healing aspects of fermenting, baking and cooking when she is not working. She enjoys using her green thumb and working out in the garden in her free time. Kate’s most favored supplement with Neurologix is the Focus formula.

Bailey Dreibelbis

MARKETING analysis

Bailey serves as our Marketing Analyst , although he’s worked in production and planning. He has a passion for health through nutrition which stems from his  family’s background in medicine and wellness. When Bailey isn’t working at Neurologix he enjoys dancing and roller skating. 

Kynndal Mosley EMT

quality assurance

As a part-time EMT, Kynndal is passionate about healthcare and having the opportunity to help people. As our marketing analyst, she enjoys being creative and is working on her design portfolio. Kynndal enjoys any opportunity to be outdoors as well as playing the guitar.

Kiesha Mosley


Kiesha enables the Neurologix supply chain, monitoring inventory levels and ensuring orders can be fulfilled with the tools and supplies on-hand. In her free time, Kiesha feels grounded and most at home in the great outdoors.

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