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What Our Customers Are Saying

I’m really picky about supplements...

Some of them don’t do anything or are filled with crap. I love Neurologix because their formulas are so clean! All the ingredients are really high quality and I feel the difference in my body especially when I get into a good routine. Wake and Sleep are my go to daily supplements and I like the Focus formula a lot too
William Osolinsky (Houston, TX)

For when you can’t afford to have an ‘off’ day...

I’m not just a proud team member at Neurologix, I’m also an avid, longtime customer. Working long hours under the stress of tight deadlines leaves no margin for error. With Wake and my boosters, I’m razor sharp from the moment I walk into the office until the moment I walk out – I never get that 2 o’clock feeling and I never need to hit the break room for an energy drink. Ending my day with Sleep helps me fall asleep quicker and deeper, but still not have to worry about waking up groggy for an early meeting.
Daniel Carp (St Louis, MO)

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