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How healthy is your brain? Are you getting all the nutrients your body needs? Find out when you take this short quiz.

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How healthy is your brain? Are you getting all the nutrients your body needs? Find out when you take this short quiz.

Receive 20% off your first order.

What are Nootropics?

Nootropics are Essentially Smart Drugs

Most nootropics are a synergistic blend of ingredients, some of which are synthesized in a lab and others ancient plant based remedies which has been used by indigenous cultures for generations.

The healing properties of Nootropics make them an excellent fit for individuals looking to enhance their physical or cognitive performance. They are often used by professional athletes, military personnel, top performing business executives, creative artists, as well as the everyday person that just wants to feel better as they seize the day.

Nootropic blends combine the wisdom of old and innovation of new to give you a delightful lift, which may include:

  • Elevated mood
  • Deeper Capacity to Learn
  • Prolonged Peak Performance

New benefits are being discovered all the time. Scientific innovations continue to improve the purity of the ingredients and provide higher levels of bioavailability which means more of the good stuff makes it into your system. For more information about nootropics, check out the Neurologix FAQ page.

Why Neurologix Brand?

At Neurologix®, we care about you and your health.

We know life demands a lot of you and quite frankly, your brain is a big part of how well you do. Everyday, you are presented with new and different challenges. It’s important to us that you perform at your best to make the most of every opportunity. Our commitment is to make a real difference in your life with every product we offer.

We’re Here To Change The Way You Think…and LIVE

Holistic Approach

Personalized nutrition, offering foundational daily nutrition products in addition to supplemental solutions to take on the days we need them.

Unique Nootropic Combinations

We use a combination of nutritional supplements, nutraceuticals, and nootropics in our products and hope to make these natural more approachable to a mass customer base.

High Quality, All-Natural Ingredients

We only use the purest, most bioavailable, and natural ingredients possible in our products and believe that continuous improvement is the key to innovation.

Advanced Customization

Cross referencing our client’s medications and medical history (provided upon creating anaccount) with each ingredient in our database, we ensure their safety and satisfaction.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Customer service and satisfaction is at the core of our DNA.

Nutrition is Complex, We Make it Simple

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What Our Customers Are Saying

I’m really picky about supplements...

Some of them don’t do anything or are filled with crap. I love Neurologix because their formulas are so clean! All the ingredients are really high quality and I feel the difference in my body especially when I get into a good routine. Wake and Sleep are my go to daily supplements and I like the Focus formula a lot too
William Osolinsky (Houston, TX)

For when you can’t afford to have an ‘off’ day...

I’m not just a proud team member at Neurologix, I’m also an avid, longtime customer. Working long hours under the stress of tight deadlines leaves no margin for error. With Wake and my boosters, I’m razor sharp from the moment I walk into the office until the moment I walk out – I never get that 2 o’clock feeling and I never need to hit the break room for an energy drink. Ending my day with Sleep helps me fall asleep quicker and deeper, but still not have to worry about waking up groggy for an early meeting.
Daniel Carp (St Louis, MO)